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Posted By : Buxy

For those of you working with the ticket, if you go over the allowable amount just once, and don't report it, whether you are aware of it or not, SSA will take away all your funds and recapture the money anyway they can. They don't even have to warn you. They can wait until you've been accepting money for a few years, then slap you with a "we have found an error. You owe us $56k. We found that you had gainful employment on such and such month/year." Yep! I know all too many people who have gone through it. One person's payroll withheld pay for over 2 weeks and then paid it out all in one month, causing the employee an overage and they weren't aware of what had happened. That month they got a large check. It was considered gainful employment. They lost SSDI. SSDI says immediate reinstatement if you lose your job. Not true. They fail to tell you have to come in and reapply all over again. It's not automatic and they don't tell people! Work at your own risk. Gainful employment working petty pay and no benefits isn't worth the hassle. You're not making more than when you were on SSDI. Only now, you'll be without insurance in time.