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Posted By : amethystbeauty6898@gmail.com

I am a single mother existing on $190.00 a month welfare, I applied for my disability almost 2 years ago but not yet approved. I received my B.S. in C.J. in 2002 but have no work experience. I have continuously tried to go back to school only to be told that I couldn't by W.I.A. office manager because I have a degree. I spoke with reps of the Voc Rehab office and was told the same. I tried to explain that my degree is in law enforcement and since my disability is mental illness and I take 4 pills a day for it, it will unlikely that I will be issued a fire arm any time soon. In the meantime I'm still living and trying to go on with my life as a mother, and woman with no help. It's no secret we need financial assistance we lost our home of 16 years to foreclosure after losing work. Where we live now there is no heat/air and the roof leaks we can not afford homeowners insurance so we pray hard when it storms. I have called on the JCCEO for heaters/air conditioners no help, I even asked about trying to apply for the critical repair program for my home repairs again nothing. Prior to my illness I had always been independent never having to ask for any thing. One can only imagine how we are and have been suffering for the last(3)years. It really hurts to know that prisoners have a better life than we do health insurance, dental, safe housing, central heat/air....we welcome all help Thanks in Advance