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Current Thread : Jobs for the Blind

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Posted By : Andrew

Hello- I have been reading through some of the threads on this sight. I am a blind individual with a Bachelors in Accounting. I have a previous job history background in customer service before an injury left me legally, permanently and totally blind. I currently receive ssdi. I am curious to know how many opportunities there are out there for blind individuals using screen readers. My assumption is that the amount of opportunities shrink for individuals like myself because of the need for the use of a screen reader in the work environment. I have seen posts from myemploymentoptions.com. I wonder how many of these companies actually use software that is compatible with screen readers like JAWS (Job Access With Speech) for windows? Is the success rate for an individual such as myself lower then a sighted individual on a sight like myemploymentoptions.com because of the need for my assistive technology? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.