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Current Thread : Person with Learning Disability seeking Work

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Posted By : Susan C. Buffalo, NY

Hi, I'm on here hoping that the right person will see my post. I have a mild learning disability and haven't been able to keep a job due to this ever since being laid off in 2011 from a mortgage company. I was there for 7 years. Even with thinking I am doing the right thing by disclosing to my employer that it does take me a little longer to learn new tasks. The mortgage company were able to make on the job accomodations for me, but haven't been able to find a company since then that will do this. I've done long term temporary assignments, but having a real hard time with not able to find that one company who will hire me on full time. I can do the work, and once I do get it I'm off to races with no problem. Just trying to find that one right fit position or someone who can help me get over this huge mountain I face. Help!!!