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Current Thread : 2012 Job openings disabled on SSDI/SSI benefits

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Posted By : Lori Adler - Employment Options, Inc.

Attention Social Security Disability beneficiaries! Are you looking for employment? Have gaps on your resume? Need help with interview prep? Unsure of where the legitimate jobs are? Employment Options, Inc. wants to help you start your New Year on a good note! We are looking for hard working, motivated individuals on SSDI/SSI benefits to fill our HUNDREDS of Work-at-home Customer service and tech support positions We also specialize in finding positions outside the home, Nationwide! See if you qualify for our free services and open positions by submitting a pre-qualification to us. http://​myemploymentoptions.com/​for-job-seekers/ *Applicants MUST be on SSDI and/or SSI benefits to apply. Email questions to ladler@myemploymentoptions.com View many of our work at home jobs and their qualifications and descriptions here: http://myemploymentoptions.com/work-at-home-jobs/