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Current Thread : National Grid-Age questions

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Posted By : JV

I attended the job fair at the Intrepid on the 7th. I was impressed on organized and smooth it was. I met with several employers all saying that they are "seriously hiring" but none conducting on-the-spot interviews. When I was at the National Grid table, I spoke two reps-one was a HR rep and the other was a supervisor in their gas operations. While discussing open positions as Field Supervisor, this person made it a point during our conversation to tell me that most of the field workers in that department are younger than me, and then asked me would I mind that? I'm thinking to myself is this another way to fro National Grid to screen out those over 40(I’m 50)? I answered no and we continue to discuss that position. I walking thinking why National Grid is here, if they are going to engage in age-discrimination for supervisor positions? I feel that employers that are invited should be told not to come to these kinds of specialized job fairs if they are going to engaged in discrimination, of any kind, even at the risk of turning some away.