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Current Thread : Need To Work From Home. Not Receiving Benefits

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Posted By : Nsullivanjr@live.com

Hello i have a chronic back condition and i cant leave my bed. I can work on the computer and use the phone. I have no work experience. I've been searching for several months for work at home jobs, I've posted on different forums but so far I've had no luck. I'm hoping someone on here could help me. Also i am not receiving benefits. I'm currently appealing for the 2nd time for SSI but if i can get a work at home job i may not need that.If anyone has any ideas or advise id be appreciative of it

Posted By : Lori Adler- MyEmploymentOptions

Hello there! I am not sure if you found work by now or what has happened but I just read your post today. The company I work with is an Employment network that helps those on SSDI or SSI already find work. If you haven't been accepted yet, then our jobs would help you but we do have a resource list that we created full of agencies, books, websites and forums that we highly recommend. You are welcome to read it. Just email help@meymploymentoptions.com an automatic email will be sent back with resources that we endorse. Perhaps one of those will be helpful. If you end up with SSI, let me know and I can go over what we do and Ticket to work if you want. Best wishes LORI ADLER Employment Options www.myemploymentoptions.com