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Posted By : Lori Adler

Hello everyone! I hope this is the correct place to post this. I already post regularly on Hireds Facebook page. I am disabled and on SSDI benefits and have been for some time now. For a long while, I was only getting income from my disability check from Social security. But after a few years, the rise in the cost of living and gas and food and insurance, made me realize that I needed to look into returning to work and at least earning some extra income. But I was afraid (terrified) to work while on social security for fear they would stop by benefits and take away my much needed Medicare! Thanks to a forum like this I learned a about a program called Ticket to Work. Any US Citizen receiving SSDI or SSI non retirement benefits from Social security is automatically eligible for the free job placement and employment services that this program provides. Sadly, many Americans on Social security are totally unaware of this great free program. I didn’t know about it. I was able to find part time work out of my home because of Ticket to work and an Employment Network that helped me. Long story short, I am now working part time for that employment network and want to share the knowledge that has so helped my family and my life. Even if I just help one person on here, I feel I have shared and given back, in the same way I was helped. There are HUNDREDS of job openings available right now especially in the work from home area. (customer service and tech support) The company I work with is a preferred partner with over 20 national companies who hire for work at home positions. We are a certified employment network in the ticket to work program. I am trying to get the word out to people near and far that we are trying to help these employers fill these positions. If anyone is on SSDI or SSI benefits and needs work or extra income, please know there are jobs and free programs there to help you, as it did me. You can follow this link and read about Ticket to Work, our WAH positions we are looking to fill and all about Employment Options. You can even apply with us right on line! We also have a resources section even if you are not on SSDI or SSI. http://myemploymentoptions.com/for-job-seekers/ If you are NOT on SSDI or SSI benefits but are looking for work, you can email our help center at help@myemploymentoptions.com and you will receive a complete list of job seeker resources! anyone can do this! we just want to help! If anyone at any time wants to talk about anything, I am an open book. I am no different than anyone else. I have a disability but I also knew I had skills and things to give to society. I want to give back in the way I was helped. You can contact me anytime for job leads, if you need a friend to talk to or just information! I wish you all the very best! and never give up! Lori ladler@myemploymentoptions.com 800-441-3114 ext. 763 join us on Facebook and receive weekly tip, job of day postings and much more Facebook: myemploymentoptions