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Current Thread : Jobs for the Disabled - Ticket to Work Program

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Posted By : Lori Adler - Employment Options

Hi all: -Jobs for the Disabled- Do you receive Social Security Benefits(SSDI/SSI) & need extra income? Don’t pursue the job search alone! The Federal Government created the Ticket to Work program to help clients receive 'free' employment services. Employment Options is a CERTIFIED Employment Network with HUNDREDS of job openings (home & community based) To apply: http://myemploymentoptions.com/for-job-seekers/ Our website is full of great information about the Ticket to Work Program; who qualifies for it; what it can do for you; We also have a Resources section to check out with great free information! I am also on SSDI and working part time for Employment Options under the Ticket to Work program. I still receive my monthly SSDI check like always and still have my medicare. I am able to supplement my income which has been a true blessing for me and my family's finances! email me anytime: ladler@myemploymentoptions.com I would be happy to share my personal story about being on disability (SSDI) since 2005 and how utilizing the ticket to work program changed my life!