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Posted By : Lori Adler - Employment Options, Inc.

Job Hunting Tip: Many Americans link their self-esteem and value by what they do to earn money. Employment is obviously important for daily living, but a person’s value is certainly MORE than their job title & salary! Remember, you are a VALUABLE person whether or not you have a job! Positive thinking creates a positive attitude! Employers hire positive people! (For more tips: Visit Resources section of our website) www.myemploymentoptions.com If you are disabled and receiving SSDI/SSI benefits and are looking for work, please visit the 'Job Seekers' section of our website address above. You can apply on-line. If you have a disability but are not on SSDI or SSI and are looking for work, please email me and I would be happy to share a list of resources and agencies to help you in your job hunt! Lori Adler Employment Options www.myemploymentoptions.com