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Current Thread : New JOB OPENINGS SSDI/SSI recipients. FT &PT. @ Ho

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Posted By : Lori Adler

ATTENTION: SSDI/SSI RECEIPIENTS LOOKING FOR WORK? We have a multitude of job openings for the Disabled now Qualifications: Must be currently receiving SSDI (Social Security Disability Income) or SSI(Supplemental Security Income) from the Social security administration (not retirement benefits). Employment Options is certified under the Ticket to Work program to get SSDI and SSI clients BACK TO WORK! We have a TON of work at home positions NOW for customer service and tech support positions. We have full time hours/ part time hours. W2 employment. Some employers offering benefits, 401 K & paid training. We can also help SSDI/SSI clients find work in their community (outside the home). Don't waste time. Qualify yourself now! Follow this link and learn more about Ticket to Work. http://myemploymentoptions.com/for-job-seekers/ Complete a "Pre-qualify form' ASAP to qualify yourself with our program and a staff member will be in touch soon! If you are not on SSDI/SSI, but are disabled or are just looking for job resources, please email be (address below) for our full list of resources/agencies. ACT NOW! Lori Adler ladler@myemploymentoptions.com

Posted By : Jim F.

The internet is teeming with so many work from home offers out there. How do we know which are legitimate? Times are beyond tight today. Money problems are one of the difficult problems to deal with. I'll share one that I've had great experience with; On Pro Team: Affluentry Network and Affluentry Connection. You can do from home with very flexible hours. Basically it's all about training and internet marketing. I was introduced to this by a single mother, Arikah Nash, who is doing really well for herself, while taking care of her infant daughter. What sets this company apart is the positivity and attention to detail. They are great with training and there is always someone there to take your call. Also, they are tying into outside companies to be able to provide temp work to ensure that you can continue to make money during slow times. In full disclosure, it is commission based, but, studies show that so are the highest paid jobs these days. The flexibility is amazing and if you really work hard it is an amazing chance to make money on your terms, with positive, supportive people. They offer training and solutions for as far you want to go. If you have some time on your hands, it could be a really be a lifesaver. affluentryconnection.com