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Posted By : Doris Utley

I am a lady,with a disability and would love to go to work,but it is hard to get a job.I need to get out of the house.To make a different in my life and others.If any one know of anyone that need a good receptionist please cotact me ASAP

Posted By : Stephanie Mitchem

I feel for you Im a 38 yr. old single mom that is certified Phlebotomist and can't get anyone to look past my disability to see my ability!!!!!

Posted By : Marci Huebert

I am capable of working and want to work but can not find or keep a job due to my disability. If I were able to be hired I am unable to find someone who is willing to take the extra time to train me. I have a closed head injury and a short term memory disability. I want to work and need to work, I have no insurance and cant afford my med's, and cant get unemployment. I have lost my last 3 jobs all due to my disability. One that I held for almost 8 years. And I have been denied Disability 3 times. WHY ?

Posted By : Lori Adler- MyEmploymentOptions

Hi Ladies, I came across your post today. I am too disabled but with an invisible disability which is not easy easier. Because it eventually comes out for others to see. Anyway, I don’t know your personal situations at all or what you are dealing with. However, I thought I would share some information and resources with you. Perhaps they could lead to some job openings for you. The company that I work for is called Employment Options, Inc. We are an Employment network in the Social Security Ticket to Work program. It was created for those like me who are receiving cash benefits from Social security (SSDI or SSI) and want to find work. Our services are free. If either of you are on SSDI and or SSI I can connect you to our website and we have HUNDREDS of job openings both in work-at-home positions and also community jobs outside the home. We are virtual so we can help in many states. If you happen to be on SSDI or SSI, let me know and I can give you more information about Ticket to Work and how to view our jobs and program. If you are not on SSDI or SSI benefits, our program would not be able to help you. However, we want to be able to help people with some job resources and companies that we recommend. Anyone disabled or not, can send an email to our help center at help@myemploymentoptions.com and an automated email will be sent to you with a resources list of books, agencies, websites and more to help you find work. I hope this information is helpful and I wish you both the best! Lori Adler (email: ladler@Myemploymentoptions.com 800-441-3114 ext 763