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Posted By : Cold and hungry

I've been fired and labeled "disabled". I haven't found any help to find employment. Has anyone found a job? Can someone tell me how the government can blatantly ignore the ADA legislation? I've contacted many lawyers, all refuse to help. I've worked with the SBA and the VR, who decided that I didn't have enough income to qualify for their help "whatsoever". Can someone contact me? I'm cold and I'm hungry. PLEASE!

Posted By : Doris Utley

This has happen to me also and I didnot get any help at all,ADA,VR,LAWYERS,GOV ETC. could not help me and I was fired from a job in Car.I was on my job for 5years.GOOD LUCK!!!

Posted By : Stephanie Mitchem

I don't know where to look but I to have lost three jobs since December because of MS and stupid people unable to look past the way I walk. If anyone finds out anything please let use all know (gracielu67@yahoo.com) Im desperate!!!!!!

Posted By : april1961baker@yahoo.com

Hello, I am a 50 yr.old disabled single mother of a 14yr.old son with autistic spectrum disorder and tourettes syndrome. I am looking to manufactor and market an awsome product for the public.Now that i have my son in a decent school,i would love to launch this idea,as i know it would be a success.I need a plastic mould manufactor to help me design and get this product to market so that i can make a better life for my son.Any help or advice would be most appreciated.