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Posted By : Seth

Dear Sir/Ma'am, I have noticed recently that people are not as willing to work as others. This is a generalized statement and it comes to truth in times of employment solutions. Where is all of the workers looking to better their employer with earned work efforts from school and past work experience? Sometimes this idea is all too familiar to many Americans who choose to work and cannot find available work. I am surprised that me and other Mental Health out-patients are not looked upon in the work environment to progress or even be considered for employment. I would of thought that school and past work history or a good resume could progress me through the employment search. I reach out and admit my problem and I get no real response that is positive. I am just wondering how everyone else that is Mentall Ill corresponds to my story. Mental Health patients are the leading people with the lowest percent of employment in America. North America needs to not only gain better support for people with mental disabilities, but also have a national job board for people with mental disorders. This certain type of job board can work with The Department of Health and Hospitals and the employer. I think that this would be the only way that people with mental disabilities can move away from lower class citizens and into a better economic future. Sincerely, Seth