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Posted By : kevin moyer

How about America treating its disabled vetrans with respect and dont mean in words only, The government could force employers to hire vets inplace of the pepople who always manage to stay behind and then get their relatives to get them the good jobs and as usual the vet is made an ass of. Print this nation wide and whatch for the hard core vets open up and ask why because of no jobs for them some of them in up out in the street. And you well off vets how about all of you, not just some helping your true brothers out and that means any color also!!!!!

Posted By : Faith

I hear what you are talking about and just wanted you to know that it isn't just the "hardcore veterans" who have difficulty obtaining Federal Civil Service positions. Back in the 90s' I went on disability and one of my doctors helped me obtain what the VA called at that time an "excepted position" that was part-time. I worked at the hospital almost two years until my husband, who was a Vietnam Veteran ended up going to a hospital out-of-state and due to babysitter troubles, I ended up resigning to take care of my kids. Last year, I applied for a position through the disability advocate in the HR office. I never heard about the positions I applied for and usually if a persons' application is submitted, they at least receive a letter stating that someone else was hired for the position. Well, I do not know if the HR person even forwarded my application or threw it away. (By the way, I am a white, female veteran and we also receive what seems like inappropriate treatment at times). I've faced biasness from Afro-Americans and Caucasians in the workforce, so I tend to think that more comes into play than just the indicators of skin color, though we know from history that many Afro-Americans, Hispanics, Indians and minorities do receive a bad deal within the working systems. Hope, if you are a veteran, that you will obtain Federal employment, if that is what you are seeking. Maybe if you could help advocate for veterans or become a PEER counselor amongst veterans, then you could see more of what could be accomplished behind the scenes and in that way you will get noticed for your leadership skills, then be able to be recommended by a counselor for a job within the federal sector. I've seen a few PEER counselors who are veterans end up getting alot of assistance from staff in regards to obtaining employments, better benefits and treatment. I, myself, spoke out on my own behalf; but was retaliated on. I probably did not leave the proper "paper trail" so that my own advocacy "bit me in the butt". I've heard of alot of veterans with felons obtain employment through the federal government. So evidently there are people who will help "hard core veterans' obtain jobs; but it seems it is who you know within the system.