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Current Thread : Wonder if there are disabled business consultants

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Posted By : AA

Hello I am wondering if there are anyone disabled and can still be a business consultant? All the traveling, learning new things constantly and keeping up with so much is mentally and physically draining. The one thing that it offers is the flexibility different from most jobs. It would be nice to hear of any business consultants who are disabled and still be able to keep up. It's difficult to find a good profession that allows growth in this position. Should one's passion to become a bus. consultant fly away due to a disability?

Posted By : Michael McGrath

There are many 'business consultants' with disabilities. I have muscular dystrophy. As a corporate adviser and international speaker, my disability has never stopped me from 'consulting'. I've recently completed a 4-yr consultancy collaboration with Hilton Hotels in the UK & Ireland as their disABILITY Champion - my disability may well apply to me, but it will never define me

Posted By : AA

Guess I should rephrase. Are there any companies who would offer an entry level consultant or analyst position that does not ask for experience in this area that asks for a BS in Bus.Mgt? More of a self starter. It's physically difficult to keep up with the fast paced setting. I can manage private, small companies that trains and allow me to learn as I work. Can not go back to hospitality due to all the standing and moving around. Able to walk, but vertigo and nausea kicks in if the setting is too rushed or long. It is difficult to find a some what laid back work place that can make use of my hospitality experience, business and management knowledge and abilities.