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File this one under keep the faith. Picture it.. 1997, NYC, I went through a grueling interview process (about 10 interviews), I was sure the job was mine, but alas, I did not get the job. I was very discouraged and when I was told that it was a very hard decision and that if they had 2 jobs, they would have hired me and the candidate the choose.. what I heard was "WA WA WA WA" ... I was very cynical to say the least! But lo and behold 2 weeks later they called me back with a job offer, someone had resigned unexpectedly! This turned out be a favorite job and put me on a career path that has been very rewarding.

Posted By : Marvin Golden

I drove a family member to a job site to fill out an application for employment, and I thought to myself, since I'm here I will fill out one also. I never thought about the application or the job again. In less than a week the company called me back. After completing the company's hiring process, I was offered a position within the company and I began working for that company immediately.