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Current Thread : Resume Writing Tips

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Posted By : Webmaster

Please share things that you think are important and should be included in your resume

Posted By : Matt Hodges

Always make sure to add your objective to the top defining exactly what you are looking for

Posted By : Dana Solomon

Succinct accomplishment bullet points nicely 'jump off the page' to employers. Avoid accomplishments mentioned in long paragraphs, which can easily be overlooked.

Posted By : Joseph

Hi, I'm attempting to return to work after several years of unemployment. I had 13 years of experience working in a Federal office, but when additional disabilities began affecting my performance, my ignorance of my rights led to me being pushed into resigning. This was followed by several years of sporadic underemployment and severe depression. Recently I did a couple years of live-in home health care for a close friend who was at the end of his life. He and his wife gave me a modest stipend for taking care of him. My concern now, when it comes to writing a resume (even for this site) is that I don't know how to handle the multi-year gap in employment. The more questions I'm asked about it in an interview, the worse I'm going to look. Worry over it has paralyzed me. Any advice?