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Posted By : Webmaster

Does anyone work for a company that ensures that there are handicapped accessible ramps at every entrance?

Posted By : mooreaccess.com (Scott Moore)

Actually, business typically focus first on one accessible route, then goods and services, bathrooms,and last accessibility of items with-in their place of business. The reason there is typically one route (besides ADA standards), which I prefer, is that usually a business will take the time to design it correctly, including,; parking spaces, curb cuts, ramp slopes or cross slopes, doors and access/regress routes, and sign-age. This is preferable to a lot of routes which only partially meet ADA standards. There are a number of leaders in the industry like Costco or Lowe's so they are out there, you just need to find one that fits you best. I found a small auto shop (3 people) the other day that was completely accessible including all aspects of the bathroom! For more ADA 2010 standards see my site at www.mooreaccess.com