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Current Thread : Escape from Poverty, Leaving Oppressive Employer

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Posted By : Jason

It hurts to be stuck in an impoverished situation working for an oppressive employer for entirely too long making close to minimum wage, and not being able to make enough income to live independently, let alone be allowed to do the kind of work that I most enjoy doing, especially when I know I deserve better. Where I work now there is no opportunity for advancement, no room for growth and no future. My current employer, knowing that I have a disability, doesn’t want to do anything to help me to advance within the company, but also acts like they don’t want me to leave, either, as if they are just trying to “force” me to stay stuck in my current impoverished circumstances with no practical way out of my predicament. I have tried looking for an exit strategy to find a way to leave my current employer and go to a better one, but being unfairly judged for actually having a disability is one thing that is preventing me from being successful in this venture. I would explain things in more specific detail, but for privacy reasons, I’m not going to do more than just generalize things on a public forum. If someone out there is willing to listen my story in more detail, and assist with some wise suggestions and advice, I would be very grateful. Thank you for understanding. :-)

Posted By : Jason

Forgot to say, that I would like to find a way to reach out and speak with someone else to hear my story and offer some advice under a more PRIVATE, PERSONAL setting, if you don't mind. :-)