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Corporate Training

The Training and Development division of Hire Disability Solutions provides a number of different trainings to improve the level of understanding, accessibility, and inclusion within your organization.

Through our years of experience with employment for those with disabilities, we have identified eighteen ‘inclusion competencies’ which fit into one of six larger dimensions. Hire Disability Solutions offers comprehensive trainings on each of these competences. We can also develop more customized training programs specifically designed for your needs.

These dimensions and their subsequent competencies are as follows:

1)  Employing People with Disabilities: Making the Case; Creating a Plan
  • Knowing the Law: ADA Title I
  • Planning for tomorrow: Workforce & Disability Trends
  • Engaging the talents of everyone: Creating a disability focus in your people practices

2)  Employing People with Disabilities
  • Best practices: Hiring people with disabilities
  • Retaining Talent: Best practices of reasonable accommodation
  • Coaching & Developing Employees with Disabilities

3)  Making IT Accessible
  • Evaluate/Design Web-Based Processes for Accessibility
  • Creating a Plan: Accessible IT in your Organization
  • Develop/Procure Accessible Internal IT Systems

4)  Gaining Overall Awareness of Disability
  • Understand the ADA: An Overview
  • Interacting Effectively & Respectfully with People with Disabilities
  • Serving Customers with Disabilities

5)  Accessibility in Business
  • Know the Law: Accessibility & Title III of the ADA
  • Plan for Accessibility in Your Business
  • Understanding Accessibility as a Business Imperative

6)  Accessibility in Public Environments (Government of Public Facilities-schools, courthouses, hospitals)
  • Know the Law: Accessibility & Title II of the ADA
  • Planning for Accessibility in a Public Environment
  • Accessing Specific Environments

To learn more about the Training and Development division of Hire Disability Solutions, please contact us at: info@hireds.com or 1-800-238-5373.

* Hire Disability Solutions also offers full scale consulting services on inclusion competencies. Consulting services involve assessment, training, and strategic planning for your organization's individualized needs.