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Corporate Consulting

Consulting Services for Employers

Should your company be doing a better job at including people with disabilities? Do you even know the laws or your rights in this regard? Hire Disability Solutions offers a variety of consulting services to help. We have disability diversity training expertise. HireDS can provide the optimal consulting services to meet your organization's individualized needs.

Inclusion Competencies

Hire Disability Solutions offers consulting services that target what we have identified as core inclusion competencies. We assess your level of proficiency in each competency and develop an action plan to address organizational goals around the competency. The consulting offering is typically a five day process, which includes:

  • Framing the issues
  • Researching barriers
  • Creating solution options
  • Developing an implementation action plan

Diversity Planning to Include People with Disabilities

Individuals with Disabilities are a large segment of the diversity population that companies have been slow to integrate into their initiatives. Hire Disability Solutions can provide consulting services on diversity issues that encompass all diverse populations including individuals with disabilities.

  • Design and Implementation of Diversity Training
  • Strategic Planning for organization inclusion
  • Assessment and change management
  • Leadership development
  • Diversity Integration into operations, practices, and culture
  • Diversity Conference Planning

Building your Brand

Individuals with disabilities represent 10% of the population and have a disposable income reported at $225 billion. Hire Disability Solutions can help your company build its brand and garner support from both the disability community, as well as the whole community. Consumers look more positively towards and say they are more likely to purchase from companies that do the right thing. And, non-disabled workers find that they are inspired and motivated by the tenacity of their disabled coworkers. These initiatives can increase productivity.

Temporary Staffing and Contingency Plan Consulting

Hire Disability Solutions provides consulting services that enable your company to experience the benefits of diversity. Many companies claim that they are diverse, but do not include all diverse populations; often, people with disabilities are excluded. Hire Disability Solutions makes sure that your company is reaching out to the disability community as you engage in recruitment process outsourcing so that your company can gain the benefits of working with and being inspired by people with disabilities. Additionally, we help you to build contingent workforce management plans which include people with disabilities. Your company will benefit form our unique assessment program, which analyzes your needs and helps us to efficiently and effectively work with you to find temporary workers, develop and implement contingent workforce management programs, and deliver management consulting services. Talent is one of the most significant influences on a company's success, so it is our goal to help you develop a strategic plan for staffing that is easy to implement.

To learn more about the Training and Development division of Hire Disability Solutions, please contact us at: info@hireds.com or 1-800-238-5373.